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Arts Biz Blog: Abe Ng CEO, Sushi Maki

Laura Bruney and Etain Connor 29-Jul-2015 0 Comments
Abe Ng is a born entrepreneur. As president, CEO and CSO (Chief Sushi Officer), Mr. Ng is building an empire with 15 locations in Miami-Dade County under the Sushi Maki and Canton brands, including an outpost at Miami International Airport. In the last 15 years, Abe and his team have grown a company that continues to thrive and survive in turbulent economic times including a partnership with Whole Foods Market in South Florida. His restaurant management experience stems from a long family history in the industry and his efforts to create a modern Japanese restaurant experience have been recognized by national and local media. Mr. Ng is a native Miamian and is committed to making our community thrive. With creativity and out-of the box thinking the restaurant has a motto that fits: Delicious fishes, positive vibes, and healthier lives. Integrating the arts and creativity they feature a write your own Maki Haiku section on their homepage . A philanthropist and art collector, Mr. Ng has a natural interest in featuring original artwork at the restaurants. After touring the company’s very creative headquarters in Coral Gables, we sat down to discuss his perspective on arts, business and partnerships.
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