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“The arts provide a key element for the quality of life we enjoy but they require corporate support. The arts are everywhere - in our neighborhoods, our parks, small theatres and large institutions.” -Adolfo Henriques CEO of Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust

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Arts Biz Blog: Ray Breslin, President Collins Park Neighborhood Association

Laura Bruney 09-Dec-2015 0 Comments
There is no bigger corporate cheerleader for the impact of the arts on local communities than Ray Breslin, President of the Collins Park Neighborhood Association and owner of the Bresaro Suites at Mantell Plaza. Collins Park is widely recognized as one of the cultural centers on Miami Beach, hosting such institutions as TheBass Museumof Art, Miami City Ballet, the Miami Beach Regional Library, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. We joined Ray for a gourmet lunch at The Continental restaurant to learn more about his vision of how the arts transform neighborhoods.
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