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The Miami Arts Marketing Project is a proven audience development program. Attracting new audiences through creative marketing is critical to the earned income and viability of non-profit cultural groups. There is a tremendous need for training and resource sharing in this area - especially among small and mid-sized organizations. Miami’s arts community is strong and vibrant, a testament to quality programs and impact.

The Arts & Business Council has an exciting new project to IGNITE arts boards with new members and new vitality. Arts Board Match will infuse Miami’s arts community with hundreds of new members which will raise the standard of leadership and service, increase diversity and provide cultural groups with new sources of donations, income and outreach.

The Arts & Business Council is a unique organization that is making a difference in South Florida by providing the catalyst for building working partnerships between the corporate and cultural communities. Help build partnerships by volunteering!

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Address: 1637 SW 8th Street, Suite 212, Miami, FL 33135


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Toll Free: 305-326-1021

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