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Year in Review 2016

Learn how we impact the local Miami creative ecosystem. Check out our 2016 year in review!
22-Dec-2016 0 Comments
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Arts Biz Blog: Spectrum of Local Arts Leaders Gather to Explore Challenges and Opportunities

​On a balmy Monday morning in the art-licious splendor of the Futurama Gallery in Little Havana, a group of brilliant minds in the arts community came together to discuss their challenges and share their answers to the question “what keeps you awake at night about the arts?”. This meet-up was hosted by the Arts & Business Council of Miami as an intimate focus group which included executive directors, development directors and marketing directors from a diverse spectrum of local arts organizations. The overarching goal was to gain insights into some of the most pressing challenges faced by these local organizations regarding, programming, audience development and fundraising.
Carol Coombes 01-Aug-2016 0 Comments
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Arts Biz Blog: Partnership with Miami International University of Art & Design

The Arts & Business Council of Miami partnered with the Miami International University of Art & Design on an innovative digital media project. Celebrating our 30th anniversary in Miami we were looking for unique ways to showcase our decades of accomplishments. We approached MIU to explore opportunities to work with their talented students.
Laura Bruney 24-Mar-2016 0 Comments
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Arts Biz Blog: Gonzalo Del Rio, Director of International Sales North America Hard Rock Café

The arts are an essential component of the cosmopolitan city Miami has become. The arts strengthen the economy, provide creative learning for our schools, and bring together our diverse population. For the hospitality industry, cultural tourism is a lucrative market. As I travel throughout the country with the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, I have seen the power of the arts to promote our destination. The arts are building a more vibrant and healthier community in every aspect.
Laura Bruney 16-Mar-2016 0 Comments
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Arts Biz Blog: Ray Breslin, President Collins Park Neighborhood Association

There is no bigger corporate cheerleader for the impact of the arts on local communities than Ray Breslin, President of the Collins Park Neighborhood Association and owner of the Bresaro Suites at Mantell Plaza. Collins Park is widely recognized as one of the cultural centers on Miami Beach, hosting such institutions as TheBass Museumof Art, Miami City Ballet, the Miami Beach Regional Library, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. We joined Ray for a gourmet lunch at The Continental restaurant to learn more about his vision of how the arts transform neighborhoods.
Laura Bruney 09-Dec-2015 0 Comments
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