101 Partnership Ideas

1. A strong and vibrant cultural community is good for business

2. Bars/nightclubs: Cross promote arts events at your venues to attract new young audiences to the arts

3. Beverage companies: Host wine night with samples at events

4. Broadcast monthly e-mail about upcoming arts events (ArtsPass)

5. Business theme ties in to shows: Travel industry display at show featuring travel, Swim suit display for tropical show etc.

6. Chambers and business groups insert arts fliers in newsletters

7. Co-host an Arts Walk with your business and nearby galleries

8. Co-host arts performance as fundraiser for a charity you support

9. Develop behind the scenes events and promotions

10. Develop collective ads with the arts in your business district

11. Developers host arts reception to showcase new properties

12. Display arts posters in your staff or lunch room

13. Distribute postcards & info about arts events to your employees

14. Donate gift certificates or items to benefit auctions for the arts

15. Donate office furniture you no longer use to arts groups

16. Donate office space in your business to an arts group

17. Donate some of your media ads to arts groups

18. Donate space in computer and software training for arts staff

19. Donate space in your business for an arts rehearsal space or black box theatre space-this will bring traffic to your business

20. Donate unused equipment and computers to arts groups

21. Encourage your staff to give back to the community as volunteers

22. Feature arts in Customer Appreciation promo for your business

23. Feature information about the arts in your company newsletter

24. Feature information about the arts in your employee newsletter

25. Feature promotional cd about arts on to-go cup lids

26. Feature the arts as speakers at Rotary or Kiwanis club meeting

27. Feature the arts in your ads

28. Feature the arts in your holiday decorations or displays

29. Feature the work of local artists in public spaces of your offices

30. Feature your executives in ads about the importance of the arts

31. Give the Arts for the Holidays: Purchase arts tickets to give as holiday gifts to your clients

32. Have an Arts Day at your company

33. Hire an arts group to perform at your trade show booth

34. Hire the arts to perform at your holiday parties and events

35. Host an ArtsBoard Leadership Seminar for your executives

36. Host an Opening Night Business Reception with the Artists

37. Host contests at your company - employees win arts tickets

38. Host lunchtime arts performances in business districts

39. Host Meet the Artist events at your company

40. Host pre-show demonstrations of your product at performances

41. Hotels donate rooms to visiting artists

42. Hotels: donate room nights to visiting artists and performers

43. Invite costumed characters to hands out information at your retail business to attract attention

44. Invite your business colleague to an arts event

45. Invite your clients to arts performances and events

46. Join an arts board -ArtsBoard Referral Project

47. Join the South Florida Arts Database

48. Link your associates to art ticket specials with E-Pass to the Arts

49. Marketing professionals help with National Arts Marketing Project

50. Movie theatres feature Slides promoting the arts prior to movies

51. Pay the dues for an arts group to join a local chamber

52. Place your product on stage with sponsorship tie in

53. Print arts events on your bags for grocery and retail stores

54. Print information about the arts on tray lines for restaurants

55. Provide a perk to your employees with a Corporate Night: Your employees receive 2 for 1 tickets for a specific performance

56. Provide arts tickets to your employees as incentives

57. Provide leadership training to executives with ArtsBoard Miami

58. Provide your employees with information to volunteer in the arts with Arts Connection -Sign up at

59. Purchase all the tickets for one performance and invite your clients, staff-sponsor reception for your guests at the event

60. Purchase an ad for your company in an arts program

61. Purchase the Front Row at a performance to use as a promotion

62. Purchase your corporate gifts at museum shops

63. Put together a corporate team to volunteer on arts projects

64. Restaurants and shops display & sell the work of featured artists

65. Restaurants host opening night event with a local arts group

66. Restaurants: insert a postcard for arts events with each bill

67. Sell arts tickets in your shop/company to bring in new customers

68. Send statement stuffers about arts events with your mailings

69. Serve as a speaker in your area of expertise for an arts seminar

70. Set up a Giving tree for the arts in your lobby or business

71. Set up an arts display featuring a local artist in corporate lobby

72. Set up point of purchase displays in your business for arts events

73. Share your business skills with Business Volunteers for the Arts

74. Shopping malls host arts exhibits and ticket giveaways

75. Showcase art themes in retail window displays

76. Sponsor a corporate night for an arts group to thank sponsors

77. Sponsor a Cultural Kids Passport and Take your kids to the arts

78. Sponsor a family night at an arts event

79. Sponsor a neighborhood mural by local artists

80. Sponsor a performance at halftime at a sports event

81. Sponsor a supervised children's area for parents at arts events

82. Sponsor a video of performance highlights for an arts group

83. Sponsor an arts mural in a local school or hospital

84. Sponsor an in school arts activity or arts contest for students

85. Sponsor an Opening Night and invite your clients and prospects

86. Sponsor arts events at a children's hospital or day care center

87. Sponsor arts performance at malls - hand out information

88. Sponsor arts performances at libraries & public places

89. Sponsor Bounce back ads printed on the back of arts tickets

90. Sponsor children's arts contest with arts festival or event

91. Sponsor egg hunts or balloon drops - eggs/balloons have free tickets or coupons to your business, arts tickets etc.

92. Sponsor product placement-the actors drink from Coke bottles

93. Sponsor radio promotions in your company's name

94. Sponsor senior citizen arts programs/discounts in company name

95. Sponsor shuttle buses from hotels/condos to arts events

96. Sponsor the videotaping and editing of a performance

97. Subscribe to the Arts Connection e-newsletter to stay up to date

98. Test Drive Promotion - Car dealer gives free arts tickets to anyone who tests drive a specific car - dealer pays for tickets and ads

99. Tie in your product to opening night events with giveaways etc.

100. TV & Radio: Match the assets of arts groups with your clients to develop value added promotional campaigns

101. Work with arts groups to develop special extras to benefit you

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Put together a corporate team to volunteer on arts projects