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The path from invention to patent requires access to resources that many solo inventors, entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators may not always have. That’s where we come in. With the assistance of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the America Invents Act, and in collaboration with firms and attorneys throughout Florida, Patent Pro Bono FL is the statewide program of the Arts & Business Council of Miami and Dade Legal Aid to provide under-resourced inventors with pro bono patent attorneys.

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Patent Project FL serves:

  • Florida solo inventors
  • Florida small business/inventor groups
  • Florida nonprofits

Application Process Includes:

  • Proof of income
  • Certificate of Completion of USPTO’s patent pro bono training module
  • A description of the invention

Patent Pro Bono FL offers pro bono legal assistance in the form of a free attorney to help inventors prepare and file for their patents. Inventors remain responsible for paying a $50 administrative fee, all applicable fees owed to the United States Patent & Trademark Office during the prosecution process, and sometimes drafting fees (at cost) necessitated by complex inventions or designs. The USPTO fees are greatly reduced (up to 75% off the standard rate) for “micro-entities” such as those qualifying under this program. The applicant is responsible for paying the appropriate filing, search, examination, and issuance fees. Inventors should check the official USPTO publication of fees for a full list of at



Patent Pro Bono FL provides a great Opportunity for attorneys to share your expertise:

  • Provide consultations and advice at legal clinics for inventors, artists and creatives
  • Be matched with inventors for pro bono patent cases
  • Have exclusive access to the available cases and opportunity for low fee cases

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